Flute Society of NSW


The Flute Society of NSW is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging flute playing in NSW and around Australia. 

The Society aims to support its members in their activities as teachers and performers through events for students, the sharing of knowledge, the promotion of independent events and a general strengthening of the community of flautists. 



The Flute Society of NSW is proud to present our Annual Gala Day! This will be a fun day filled with flute related events where you will get to meet fellow flute players, participate in small and large ensemble playing, a chance to learn and play a new piece written for large flute ensemble by our committee member Sarah Broughton, and this year, we will also be doing a demonstration on the Chinese flute ‘Dizi’! At the end of the day, our Gala Day Concert will take place where you will get to perform the pieces you learnt with new and old friends and listen to performances by last year’s Eisteddfod winners!

We will be joined by Flutes & Flutists, Flute Tree, Syrinx Music and Fluteworthy who will all be there displaying their incredible range of flutes and sheet music!

The Gala Day is open to all ages and players of all levels!

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