Flute Society of NSW

Chloe Chung 2018 Grant Report


I’ve been writing and refining scripts for my video series in collaboration with Greg Holdaway, director of the Sydney Alexander technique school. Last month I started working in collaboration with seven different younger flautists (mostly Conservatorium age or alumni of the con) who have volunteered for mini sessions of free coaching with me (so I can test my video content on them!) which has been very useful for me, and them!

As a teacher trainee, I assist in our weekly Alexander technique group classes for musicians. I’ve also been working with various flutists from the Con including Suzi Sparrow and Michelle Yue Wang (pictured).

Currently, this week, I’m at the Complete Flute course with James Kortum, Andrew Macleod, Leone buyse, Mardi Mcsullea and guest teacher Penny MacDonald, an Alexander technique teacher from Hobart. The importance of injury prevention through education of body mapping and mindfulness has been a recurrent theme for this week and watching everyone change and find more ease in their playing has been both exciting and encouraging for me in continuing my video making project.