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Applications Deadline: Monday November 5, 2018


The Flute Society of NSW - Flute Grant supports a range of activities that deliver benefits to the flute community.

The Flute Society of NSW will contribute a total of $500 annually with the addition of $800 donated to the fund from members of the flute community. With thanks to Flutes & Flutists, Syrinx Music, Fluteworthy and Flute Tree. This annual budget $1300 will be divided amongst the applicants so that the most number of worthy projects are successful. A suggested amount for each project would be $200-$500. Any unspent funds may be allocated the following year. Successful applicants will also receive marketing assistance for their project from the Flute Society of NSW through its e-newsletter and Facebook group.


  • Enable flute players and teachers to take up an outstanding opportunity that has significance for the The Flute Society of NSW Community

  • Develop flute playing and cultural activities aimed at engaging young people

  • Extending flute players and teachers artistic practice

  • Developing and deepening audience engagement with flute playing, arts and culture.


The Flute Society of NSW - Flute Grant offers one round of grants each year.

  • In 2018, application for the grant round will close on: Monday November 5, 2018

  • Supported activities must take place 1st Jan 2019 - 31 Dec 2019

  • Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application following the Flute Society of NSW Annual General Meeting (date tbc)

  • Applicants must report on their projects by date 31st January 2020 (acquittal requirements outlined below)


Please read through the following grant guidelines. If you need help with your application, please contact the President of the Flute Society of NSW, Janet Webb at jwebbflute@gmail.com or Vice-President, Henry Liang at henryliang399@gmail.com. Otherwise - simply fill out the form below!

Who can apply?

If you are applying as an individual or group, you must be

  • A practicing flautist or flute teacher

  • If you are applying as a group there must be a least one practicing flautist or flute teacher in the group

  • an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident.  

  • Currently living in NSW

  • A financial member of the The Flute Society of NSW (membership information online)

Who can’t apply

You can’t apply for a grant if:

  • You received a grant, or administered a grant, from the The Flute Society of NSW in the past and that grant has not been satisfactorily acquitted

  • You owe money to the the Flute Society of NSW

  • You received a grant from the Flute Society of NSW in the past




What activities can be applied for

  • Creative development of project

  • Touring within Australia with priority given to travel within NSW

  • Attending a Flute Festival or Conference within Australia or overseas

  • Presentation of performances or workshops

  • Recording

  • Promotion and marketing

  • Commissioning of professional artists, for example, a writer, composer, choreographer or visual artist to develop a work for an event

  • Practice based research

  • Partnerships (including those with the non-arts sector)

  • Community collaborations involving professional artists to develop public performances or participatory events.

What activities can't be applied for

  • Projects or activities that do not involve or benefit practicing flautists or flute teachers

  • Projects or activities that do not have a clearly defined flute component

  • Projects that have already taken place or have begun before 1 Jan 2018.

  • Accredited study, education, training or university courses

  • The purchase of musical instruments

  • Overseas travel

  • Grants are not to be used as prizes or awards etc.

  • Ph.D projects


All applications will be assessed by the Committee of the The Flute Society of NSW. Applications will be shortlisted and a quorum of 5 members of the The Flute Society of NSW Committee will meet and make the final decision.  Anyone on the committee with a conflict of interest will refrain from voting or commenting on your application. All decisions will be final.

Assessment criteria

The Committee will assess applications against the following criteria:

Artistic and Cultural Merit

  • Quality of your artistic and cultural achievements and others involved in the project.

  • Significance of the proposed activity to your practice or career development

  • The appropriateness of the activity to the stage of your practice/career.

Engagement and Participation

  • Level of community support and involvement of partners

  • Relevance to artistic and cultural needs of the Flute Society of NSW community.

  • Relevance to young people

  • Projects that support people living and/ or working in Regional NSW are a priority.


  • Well-planned with an achievable and realistic timeline

  • Detailed, comprehensive and accurate

  • Value for money and realistic for scale

  • Appropriate use of funds requested

  • Provision for insurance and other liabilities.

  • Projects that have other sources of funding are more likely to proceed.


Personal information
Name *
Address *
Project outline
Reference/letters of support
Individuals, groups or organisations can write letters in support of you project (maximum of 3 letters) OR Contact details for a referee
Referee #1
Referee #1
Referee #2
Referee #2
Support material
You may also submit examples of your recent work: You can submit up to three URLs (web links). These URLs can include video, audio, images, and written material. None of this support material is mandatory however the committee do rely on support material to help them gain a better sense of your project. Maximum 10 minutes total audio/visual material to be submitted.

Australian Business Number

All successful applicants must be registered with an Australian Business Number (ABN) to receive funding. Applying for an ABN is free and can be done through the Australian Business register (ABR) website.

For groups, ensembles, collectives and other unincorporated entities (‘groups’) if the group has an ABN, you should provide the group’s ABN on the Application Form. If your group does not have an ABN, you can provide the ABN of an individual group member on the Application Form.

Flute Society of NSW Marketing Assistance

Successful projects will also be promoted by the Flute Society of NSW through its e-newsletter and Facebook group. Appropriate marketing material must be supplied to the Flute Society in the lead up to your project date.


Acquitting a grant means accurately reporting on the funded activities and the spending of The Flute Society of NSW funding. Grant reports - providing artistic and financial information - are required on completion of your project.

The grant acquittal report is where you tell us:

  • how you spent your grant

  • what the artistic outcomes of your funded activity were.

The Grant Acquittal report should take the form of an article for the The Flute Society of NSW e-newsletter. The article should be 200-500 words + 2-5 images describing your project in reference to The Flute Society of NSW - Flute Grant Objectives and Assessment Criteria

If you don't provide a grant acquittal report, or if the report you submit is not satisfactory, you may have to repay your grant funding and not be eligible to apply for further funding or receive further payments from the The Flute Society of NSW.