Flute Society of NSW

Past Eisteddfod Results

Congratulations to all our previous prize winners!


10 Years and Under - 1st: Emily Wai 2nd: Lily Thomas 3rd: Isis Li Highly Commended: Amber Wu and Ryan Li

3/4 Grade Accompanied - 1st: Rachel Clayton 2nd: Charlotte Choy 3rd: Andy Guan Highly Commended: Giulietta Kistan

3/4 Grade Unaccompanied - 1st: Charlotte Choy 2nd: Giulietta Kistan 3rd: Amy Tashjian

5/6 Grade Accompanied - 1st: Amber Cleary 2nd: Sarah Sommerville 3rd: Bianca Wang Highly Commended: Iris Gower and Ayane Satsuma

5/6 Grade Unaccompanied - 1st: Amber Cleary 2nd: Sarah Sommerville 3rd: Iris Gower Highly Commended: Elana Sydenham, Nicole Chen and Bianca Wang

7/8 Grade Accompanied - 1st: Eden Borrie 2nd: Tina Gu 3rd: Anna Janczewski Highly Commended: Amy Tashjian and Jessica Burns

7th Grade and Above Unaccompanied - 1st: Harvey Abrahams 2nd: Jessica Burns 3rd: Anna Janczewski Highly Commended: Emily Hinwood and Tina Gu

Baroque/Classical Style - 1st: Siobhan Zhang 2nd: Lalleh Memar 3rd: Kaoruko Takehara Highly Commended: Alexander Chesterman and Lucy Weng

Romantic Style - 1st: Nadia Hui 2nd: Kaoruko Takehara 3rd: Harvey Abrahams Highly Commended: Lalleh Memar and Ingrid Huang

Modern Style - 1st: Kaoruko Takehara 2nd: Alexander Chesterman 3rd: Hanano Kijima and Isabella Pinter Highly Commended: Olivia Wei and Sophia Chen

Minis Championship - 1st: Emma Bu 2nd: Hayley Lau 3rd: Charlotte Choy Highly Commended: Jordan Yip and Bianca Wang

Junior Championship - 1st: Harvey Abrahams 2nd: Anna Janczewski 3rd: Tina Gu Highly Commended: Samantha Roberts and Sophie Wai

Intermediate Championship - 1st: Nadia Hui 2nd: Lalleh Memar 3rd: Isabeau Hansen Highly Commended: Charlotte Crowe and Harry Lan

Open Age Championship - 1st: Angela Lin 2nd: Hanano Kijima 3rd: Isabella Pinter

Brian Kim Inspiration Award: Sarah Sommerville and Samuel de Kroon


10 Years and Under - 1st: Chloe Carman, 2nd: Lena Zhu, 3rd: Andy Guan, Highly Commended: Isis Li and Amali Cooray

3/4 Grade Accompanied - 1st: Amber Cleary, 2nd: Cayla Persia, 3rd: Amali Cooray, Highly Commended: Ishara Verdickt and Iris Gower

3/4 Grade Unaccompanied - 1st: Amber Cleary, 2nd: Cayla Persia, 3rd: Amali Cooray and Elana Sydenham

5/6 Grade Accompanied - 1st: Alexina Ireland, 2nd: Hayley Lau, 3rd: Ayane Satsuma, Highly Commended: Sabrina Muntz

5/6 Grade Unaccompanied - 1st: Hayley Lau, 2nd: Anna Veronica Janczewski, 3rd: Evelyn Hilder, Highly Commended: Ayane Satsuma

7/8 Grade Accompanied - 1st: William Pearson, 2nd: Ruth McKay, 3rd: Isabella Pinter

7th Grade and Above Unaccompanied - 1st: Siobhan Zhang and Yiting Wang, 2nd: Harvey Abrahams, 3rd: Hanano Kijima, Highly Commended: Jasmine Hewer and Harry Lan

Baroque/Classical Style - 1st: Yung Kim, 2nd: Laura Cliff, 3rd: Alexander Chesterman

Romantic Style - 1st: Laura Cliff, 2nd: Yung Kim, 3rd: Sarah Wang, Highly Commended: Siobhan Zhang

Modern Style - 1st: Laura Cliff and Yiting Wang, 2nd: Rieko Azuchi, 3rd: Alana Freeman, Highly Commended: Yung Kim and Siobhan Zhang

Minis Championship - 1st: Hayley Lau, 2nd: Jordan Yip, 3rd: Alexina Ireland, Highly Commended: Yeer Oisin Du and Anna Veronica Janczewski

Junior Championship - 1st: Harvey Abrahams, 2nd: Tarun Saravanan, 3rd: Eden Borrie, Highly Commended: Kaoruko Takehara and Harry Lan

Intermediate Championship - 1st: Yung Kim, 2nd: Olivia Wei, 3rd: Yiting Wang, Highly Commended: Nadia Hui, Emily Thornton, Hannah Song and Alexander Chesterman

Open Age Championship - 1st: Jessica Scott, 2nd: Laura Cliff, 3rd: Jasmine Hewer

Duet Section - 1st: Eleanor Dillon Duet, 2nd: Poppy Pickles and Scarlett Walters


10 Years and Under Own Choice Accompanied, Unaccompanied or Duet - 1st: Hayley Lau, 2nd: Jessica Lin, 3rd: Chanel Wong, Highly Commended: James Hillier, Nina Hoh, Dimantie Ekanayake

3/4 Grade Own Choice Study or Unaccompanied - 1st: Kael Kolodochka, 2nd: Chanel Wong, 3rd: Nicole Jiang

3/4 Grade Own Choice Accompanied 1st:  Amber Cleary, 2nd: Andy Guan, 3rd: Kael Kolodochka, Highly Commended: Alexandry Indrawan, Clara He

5/6 Grade Study or Unaccompanied 1st: Hayley Lau, 2nd: Kieran Ng, 3rd: Lianah Jaensch

5/6 Grade - Own Choice Accompanied -1st: Lianah Jaensch, 2nd: Gwyneth Miller, 3rd: Hayley Lau, Highly Commended: Ruth McKay, Lydia Chang

7th Grade and Above - Study or Unaccompanied 1st: Harvey Abraham, 2nd: Julia Chen, 3rd: Lucy Weng

7/8 Grade - Own Choice Accompanied - 1st: Harvey Abraham, 2nd: Elaine Yilin Xia, 3rd: Madeline Avagliano, Highly Commended: Hanano, Kijima, Emily Thornton, Nadia Hui

Modern Style (Post 1945) - Open Age -1st: Laura Cliff, 2nd: Siobhan Zhang, 3rd: Dayeon Jung

Baroque/Classical Style (Pre 1815) Open Age -1st: Laura Cliff, 2nd: Sophie Knox & Olivia Benstead, Highly Commended: Kristie Mui, Dayeong Jung

Romantic Style (1815-1945) - Open Age - 1st: Sophie Kox 2nd: Olivia Benstead, 3rd: Siobhan Zhang, Highly Commended: Nathaniel Chidgey, Lucy Wang, Laura Cliff

Mini Championship (12 Years and under) 1st: Harvey Abrahams, 2nd: Lianah Jaensch, 3rd: Jacob Cuttle, Highly Commended: Clara He

Junior Championship (13 - 14 Years) -1st: Elaine William Pearson, 2nd: Nadia Hui, 3rd: Emily Thornton, Highly Commended: Isabella Stapledon, Elaine Yilin Xia

Intermediate Championship (15 - 17 Years) Section I - 2nd: Fiona Yim, 3rd: Sophia Chen, Hannah Song

Open Age Championship - 1st: Laura Cliff, 2nd: Sophie Knox, 3rd: Rieko Azuchi


10 Years and Under Own Choice Accompanied, Unaccompanied or Duet - 1st: Lianah Jaensch, 2nd: Eloise Smith, 3rd: Eve Pavey, Highly Commended: Lily Larkin & Saskia Dunn (Duet), Grace Zhang

3/4 Grade Own Choice Study or Unaccompanied - 1st: Kael Kolodochka, 2nd: Bailey Stemple, 3rd: Eden Borrie, Highly Commended: Alexandra Gray

3/4 Grade Own Choice Accompanied 1st:  Jacob Cuttle, 2nd: Kael Kolodochka, 3rd: Ella Flanagan, Highly Commended: Eden Borrie

5/6 Grade Study or Unaccompanied 1st: Lianah Jaensch, 2nd: Honor Rench, 3rd: Jacob Cuttle, Highly Commended: Nadia Hui

5/6 Grade - Own Choice Accompanied -1st: Lily Eyland, 2nd: Jacob Cuttle, 3rd: Nadia Hui, Highly Commended: Tanisha Kolodochka, Ana-Maria Barlin.

7th Grade and Above - Study or Unaccompanied 1st: Elaine Yilin Xia, 2nd: Hanano Kijima, 3rd: Alexander Chesterman, Highly Commended: Darren Parkinson, Emily Thornton, Satiya Seymour

7/8 Grade - Own Choice Accompanied - 1st: Elizabeth Fong, 2nd: Brianna Walkden-Brown, 3rd: Airi Fujisaki, Highly Commended: Darren Parkinson

Modern Style (Post 1945) - Open Age -1st: Georgina Gwatkin-Higson, 2nd: Laura Cliff, 3rd: Finnian Fowke, Highly Commended: Nicole Samsa

Baroque/Classical Style (Pre 1815) Open Age -1st: Georgina Gwatkin-Higson, 2nd: Aisha Goodman, 3rd: Finnian Fowke, Highly Commended: Siobhan Fang Zhang

Romantic Style (1815-1945) - Open Age - 1st: Laura Cliff 2nd: Hinano Fujisake, 3rd: Suzy Milton & Georgina Gwatkin-Higson, Highly Commended: Finial Fowke, Special mention: Darren Parkinson

Mini Championship (12 Years and under) 1st: Jessie Huang, 2nd: Trisha Prabhu, 3rd: Lianah Jaensch, Highly Commended: Gemma McCusker, Jacob Cuttle.

Junior Championship (13 - 14 Years) -1st: Elaine Yilin Xia, 2nd: Aaryn Wong, 3rd: Emily Thornton, Highly Commended: Satiyya Seymour, Airi Fujisaki, Yu Liang Oliver Lee.

Intermediate Championship (15 - 17 Years) Section I -1st: Pranav Gilder, 2nd: Hinano Fujisake, 3rd: Laura Cliff, Highly Commended: Suzy Milton

Section II- 1st: Fiona Yim, 2nd: Brianna Walkden-Brown, 3rd: Brendan McRae, Highly Commended: Felicity Moy

Open Age Championship - 1st: Joshua Chan, 2nd: Katherine Keeler, 3rd: Georgina Gwatkin-Higson, Highly Commended: Dorothy See-Long Wu.


Open Championship - 1st: Laura Chung, 2nd: Yiting Wang, 3rd: Naomi Ng, Highly Commended:   Sophie Knox

Intermediate Championship -1st: Georgina Gwatkin-Higson, 2nd: Pranav Gilder, 3rd: Shanky Yip, Highly Commended: Joshua Chan

Junior Championship - 1st: N/A, 2nd: N/A, 3rd: Emma Leong, Highly Commended: Hannah Sieveking, Martin Huang, Emelia Kloster

Mini Championship -1st: Aaryn Wong, 2nd: Elaine Yi Lin Xia, 3rd: Amanda Tao, Highly Commended: Nadia Hui, Kaoruko Takehara, Emily Thornton

10 Years and Under -1st: Jacob Cuttle, 2nd: Tarun Saravanan, 3rd: Chelsea Sutton, Highly Commended: Grace Zhang

Baroque/Classical -1st: Georgina Watkin-Higson, 2nd: Dorothy See-Long Wu, 3rd: Sophie Knox, Highly Commended: Catherine Jung, Siobhan Fang

Modern Style - 1st: Laura Chung, 2nd: Georgina Gwatkin-Higson, 3rd: Olivia Benstead


3/4 Grade Own Choice Accompanied -1st: Amanda Tao, 2nd: Aisley Budhihardjo, 3rd: Alison Chang, Highly Commended: Zali Kiss

3/4 Grade Study or Unaccompanied - 1st: Courtney Cousins, 2nd: Zali Kiss, 3rd: Alison Chang, Highly Commended: Madeline McRae, Amanda Tao & Jessica Kim

5/6 Grade Study or Unaccompanied - 1st: Yiting Wang, Equal 2nd: Niamh Duggan & Hannah Sieveking, Highly Commended: Airi Fujisaki & Hanano Kijima

5/6 Grade Own Choice Accompanied - 1st: Satiya Seymour, 2nd: Hannah Sieveking, 3rd: Niamh Duggan, Highly Commended: Hanano Kijima

7/8 Grade Own Choice Accompanied - 1st: Fiona Yim, 2nd: Olivia Benstead, 3rd: Hinano Fujisaki, Highly Commended: Aimee Jeffries, Michelle Eckardt & Anna Latham

7+ Grade Study or Unaccompanied - 1st: Catherine Jung, 2nd: Jessica Knight, 3rd: Hinano Fujisaki, Highly Commended - Michelle Eckardt

Baroque/Classical - 1st: Emma Leong, 2nd: Yiting Wang, 3rd: Katherine Keeler, Highly Commended: Olivia Benstead

Romantic - 1st: Soomin Jeong, 2nd: Sophie Knox, 3rd: Anna Latham, Highly Commended: Sonia Richman & Jessica Knight

Modern (Post 1945) -1st: Jessica Knight, 2nd: Olivia Benstead, 3rd: Soomin Jeong, Highly Commended: Michelle Eckardt

Mini Championship - 1st: Aaryn Wong, 2nd: Satiya Seymour, 3rd: (Elaine) Yi Lin Xia, Highly Commended: Hannah Sieveking, Airi Fujisaki & Emily Thornton

Junior Championship - 1st: Emma Leong, 2nd: Hinano Fujisaki, 3rd: Sally (Minjung) Kim

Beginners Championship - 1st: Nadia Hui, 2nd: Isabella Stone & Alison Chang, 3rd: Chelsea Sutton, Highly Commended: Amanda Tao & Iris T.Y. Gu

Intermediate Championship - 1st:  Kathryn Ramsay, 2nd: Jessica Knight

Open Age Championship -1st: Brian Kim, 2nd: Chloe Chung


10 Years and Under - Own Choice Accompanied - 1st: Aaryn Wong, 2nd: Nadia Hui, 3rd: Jessica Kim, Highly Commended: Gabrielle Cadena  
3/4 Grade - Own Choice Accompanied - 1st: Kera Pulman, Equal 2nd: Jadarah Karanikas, Izabella Kriek and Heather Watts

5/6 Grade Study or Unaccompanied 1st: Rachel Chua, 2nd: Lily Eyland, 3rd: Penelope Richardson, Highly Commended: Elizabeth Fong and Rachael Williams-Tallon

5/6 Grade - Own Choice Accompanied - 1st: Rachel Chua, 2nd: Rachael Williams-Tallon, 3rd: Pravin Chanmugam, Highly Commended: Airi Fujisaki, Hanano Kijima and Satiya Seymour    

7th Grade and Above - Study or Unaccompanied 1st: Charmaine Lo, 2nd: Elizabeth Cheung, 3rd: Soomin Jeong, Highly Commended: Olivia Benstead

7/8 Grade - Own Choice Accompanied - 1st: Hinano Fujisaki, equal 2nd: Olivia Benstead and Joo Lee Kim, 3rd: Emma Leong, Highly Commended: Jasmine He and Luis Ricci

Baroque/Classical Style (Pre 1815) - 15 Years and Under - 1st: Georgina Gwatkin-Higson, 2nd: Brian Kim, 3rd: Finnian Fowke

Baroque/Classical Style (Pre 1815) - 16 Years and Over 1st: Kathryn Ramsay, 2nd: Charmaine Lo, Equal 3rd: Elizabeth Cheung and Zoe Streatfeild, Highly Commended: Jasmine He and Sophie Knox    

Australian - Open Age - 1st: Kathryn Ramsay, 2nd: Georgina Gwatkin-Higson
Modern Style (Post 1945) - Open Age 1st: Sophie Knox, 2nd: Kathryn Ramsay, 3rd: Zoe Streatfield, Highly Commended: Jacqueline Sum

Romantic Style (1815-1945) - Open Age 1st : Brian Kim, 2nd: Soomin Jeong, 3rd: Georgina Gwatkin-Higson, Highly Commended: Austin Lee
Ensemble - Open Age 1st: Anika Ng, Naomi Ng, Jasmine He, Emma Leong    

Piccolo, Alto or Bass Flute - Open Age - 1st: Emma Leong, 2nd: Amarinda Bullock  
Minis Championship (12 Years and Under) 1st: Emma Leong, 2nd: Yasmine Keong, 3rd: Martin Huang, Highly Commended: Satiya Seymour, Hannah Sieveking, Ellen Wang and Victoria Zhen

Junior Championship (13 - 14 Years) - Equal 1st: Georgina Gwatkin-Higson and Brian Kim, 3rd: Felicity Moy, Highly Commended: Joo Lee Kim

Intermediate Championship (15 - 17 Years) - 1st: Anika Ng, 2nd: Naomi Ng, 3rd: Soomin Jeong, Highly Commended: Jasmine He and Dana Alison

Open Age Championship 1st: Emilia Antcliff, 2nd: Brian Kim, 3rd: Kinsey Alexander, Highly Commended: Zoe Streatfeild and Sophie Knox


Grade Prelim/2 Study/Unaccompanied - 1st: Josh Bartels, 2nd: Lara Fairfax, 3rd: Jade Robinson    

Grade Prelim/2 Accompanied - 1st: Gwyneth Miller, 2nd: Louise Ovsianniko-Koulikowsky, 3rd: Kera Pulman  
Grade3/4 Accompanied - 1st: Airi Fujisaki, 2nd: Satiya Seymour, 3rd: Hannah Sieveking    

Grade3/4 Study/Unaccompanied - 1st: Lily Eyland, 2nd: Hannah Sieveking, 3rd: Nikki Field    

Grade 5/6 Accompanied - 1st: Rachel Lee, 2nd: Luis Ricci, 3rd: Marcel Lima, Highly Commended: Fiona Yim, Rachael Williams-Tallon

Grade 5/6 Study/Unaccompanied - 1st: Sherry Chen, 2nd: Phoebe Bognar, Highly Commended: Jordi Blackman

Grade 7- 8 Accompanied - 1st: Anika Ng, 2nd: Naomi Ng, 3rd: Emma Leong, Highly Commended: Jessica Rasmussen

Grade 7 + Study/Unaccompanied - 1st: Katrin Mannes, 2nd: Joseph Hui, 3rd: Queena Kuang, Highly Commended: Jasmine He

15 years and Under Baroque/Classical - 1st: Brian Kim, 2nd: Lindsay Hicks, 3rd: Joo Lee Kim, Highly Commended: Jessica Rasmussen

16 years + Baroque/Classical 1st $80 Donated by Jocelyn Fazzone - 1st: Charmaine Lo, 2nd: Antonia Berg, 3rd: Naomi Robinson, Highly Commended: Hanna Tsoi

Open Age Modern 1945+ $100 Donated by Lamorna Nightingale - 1st: Brian Kim, 2nd: Naomi Ng, 3rd: Anika Ng, Highly Commended:  Helen Zhang

Open Age Australian 1st $100 Donated by Fluteworthy -1st: Elia Bosshard, 2nd: Robert Rourke, 3rd: Hinano Fujisaki    

Open Age Romantic (pre 1945) -1st: Brian Kim, 2nd: Chloe Chung, 3rd: Naomi Ng, Highly Commended: Robert Rourke, Anika Ng

Open Age Piccolo -1st: Chloe Chung, 2nd: Emma Leong   
Open Age Ensemble -1st: Weston Byrne Duo, 2nd: Luis Ricci, 3rd: Saint Scholastica's College

Junior Championship 1st $100, 2nd $50, 3rd $30 - 1st: Georgina Gwatkin-Higson, 2nd: Joo lee kim, 3rd: Christine Gan,  Highly Commended: Dorothy See-Long Wu, Hinano Fujisaki, Emma Leong, Queena Kuang, Dana Alison

Intermediate Championship 1st $200, 2nd $100, 3rd $50 - 1st: Antonia Berg, 2nd: Melissa Bortolazzo, 3rd: Kathryn Ramsay, Highly Commended: Anika Ng, Naomi Ng

Open Championship Prizes 1st $300, 2nd $200, 3rd $100 - 1st: Antonia Berg, 2nd: Hoa Tran, 3rd: Chloe Chung


Open Championship - Kinsey Alexander

Intermediate Championship - Kinsey Alexander

Open Concerto - Kinsey Alexander

Junior Championship - Kathryn Ramsay

10 years - Emma Leong

12 years - Ingrid Fisher

14 years - Anika Ng

16 years - Laura Chung

15 years & under Unaccompanied - Laura Chung

18 years - Chloe Chung

Open Unaccompanied - Chloe Chung

Open Sonata - Emily Macdonald

Open Baroque - Emily Macdonald

15 yrs & under Baroque - Stephen DiMarco

Open Australian - Elia Bosshard

Piccolo - Ciaran Frame

Flute Ensemble - The Kings School