Flute Society of NSW

2018 Grant Reports

Gabby Cadenhead

On 11th May 2018, Konzertprojekt presented Fluteprojekt, a concert dedicated to showcasing the flute and its potential, at St Stephen’s Uniting Church, Macquarie Street. From electroacoustic and spatialised works to structured improvisations, this concert showcased the versatility and beauty of this instrument.


Rosalie Bourne

On Saturday July 7th members of the Conspirito Community Flute Ensemble had the opportunity to participate in one of two workshops on concepts from the MDH Breathing Coordination method presented by Michaele Archer, a well know vocal coach and Soprano who has recently qualified in this area after extensive study overseas.  The workshop has a focus on understanding and working towards their optimal breathing capacity and reducing tension in breathing.

Flute Society gala day.jpg

Sarah Monk

In 2017 I was the lucky recipient of a NSW Flute Society Grant. The Grant enabled me to compose a work for flute ensemble which was performed by two different groups in both Newcastle and Sydney. It also gave me more confidence as a composer and sparked the development of future compositions and community engagements. My initial goal for this grant was to compose three works for an adult flute ensemble that would be performed in bowling Clubs all around Newcastle, throughout the year. The works were then to be made accessible for other flute teachers to use with teenagers and adult flute ensembles. I soon came up against some challenges which made me re-evaluate my goals.



I’ve been writing and refining scripts for my video series in collaboration with Greg Holdaway, director of the Sydney Alexander technique school. Last month I started working in collaboration with seven different younger flautists (mostly Conservatorium age or alumni of the con) who have volunteered for mini sessions of free coaching with me (so I can test my video content on them!) which has been very useful for me, and them! As a teacher trainee, I assist in our weekly Alexander technique group classes for musicians.